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  • Digital-Nomad-Taiwan
    Location Independent Entrepreneur in Taiwan Taiwan has been my home for the past 6 years.  I originally came here to teach English and quickly realized that while Taiwan is awesome, teaching English isn’t.  So I spent some time scheming ways to stay in Taiwan without teaching.  I ended up getting my IMBA(for free), working for a local company here and eventually starting my own business.  Kaohsiung was a great place for me to bootstrap my
  • why-you-should-stop-complaining-and-shut-the-fuck-up
    I’ll give you one minute to complain about anything you want,   but if you’re still talking after that one minute, it’s time to shut the fuck up.     The reason is not because I’m an insensitive asshole (although that’s been under recent debate), it’s because if you have two legs, two arms and aren’t suffering from a deadly diseases, then you really don’t have any right to complain.  We all have friends who love