Differences between Taiwan and the US


My friends and family back home always ask me what living in Taiwan is like and I always have a hard time trying to describe just how different things are.  For most Americans who have never been abroad (besides a resort in Cancun), a foreign country like Taiwan is about as different as you can get from the US.  Not only are things just different but in a lot of cases, they are complete opposites…

Differences between Taiwan and the US

Sale Prices

Instead of a product being 12% off, stores in Taiwan say pay 88% (打88折).  This came as a shock to me the first time I tried to buy Taiwan Beer at a 7-11 that I thought was 88% off!

Taiwan Beer 7-11



Growing up in the US, I would start off my day by spacing out in the shower for 10 minutes while the warm water would wake me up.  People in Taiwan wait until night time to shower.

Stock Prices

In Taiwan, red is a lucky color.  So if a stock is up, it is red and if it’s down, it is green.