How to Build Your First Online Business

how to build first online business


How to Build Your First Online Business

Building an Online Business is the best way to get out of a 9 to 5 job, achieve financial independence and travel the world.  I started making Online Businesses 10 years ago and recently sold a website for over $300,000.

When building an Online Business, you have a couple different options; Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or using an existing platform like Amazon or eBay.

In this tutorial we are going to focus on Affiliate Marketing because you can create this businesses for less than $20.00 and you don’t need to purchase inventory, worry about shipping or deal with customer service


How Does Affilate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing basically works by creating a website with content that provides valuable information on a product or a service.  An example of this is a tutorial I made about migrating website hosting from GoDaddy to Cloudways.  Cloudways is a service that I personally use and recommend so I decided to make a tutorial showing other people how they could use Cloudways and if they sign up, I will get an Affiliate Commission.

Migrate Goaddy to Cloudways

What You Need to Build Your Online Business


An Idea or Niche

A Domain Name

Website Hosting



Step 1: Your Idea

Picking idea for first online business

While picking an idea or “Niche” can be one of the most important parts of a a successful online business, if this is your first site then this should be thought of more as a learning experience.  The reason I say that is because there is a big learning curve and the sooner you get started the better.

I’ve met hundreds of people with “great ideas” who have never done anything with them and I’m sure you have too.  They practically get you to sign an NDA at the bar before they unveil their genius idea.

Then you have the people who are waiting around for the perfect idea.  They would get started but first they need this magical idea to come to them from a burning bush, then everything will fall into place.

The problem with both of these strategies is that 99% of the time, neither person does anything!  They talk about it for years while their youth is sucked away by a cubicle.

Think of your first site as a practice website where you can make all your newbie mistakes so that your next site is even better.

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Step 2: Picking a Domain Name

This is going to be similar to Niche Selection.  For your first website, don’t overthink it.  Pick something you’re interested in or make it a personal blog.  Domain Names are cheap investments, only $9.48/year so if you think of a better one later on, you can always change it.

Search For Your Domain Name Here

Step 3: Hosting your Domain Name

All websites need to be “hosted” by someone.  This basically just means that they are on a server somewhere so that they can be connected to the internet.

Cloudways is much faster than Godaddy (Host Gator, Bluehost, etc.), has a Free SSL Certificate and also has a Free 3 day trial (no credit card required).

Cloudways Free Trial

Step 4: Install WordPress

Once your site is active then it’s time to install WordPress.  WordPress is free and can be used for making blogs, e-commerce sites and everything in-between.

How to Install WordPress for Your Online Business

Free Website Tutorial!