Location Independent Entrepreneur in Taiwan

Taiwan has been my home for the past 6 years.  I originally came here to teach English and quickly realized that while Taiwan is awesome, teaching English isn’t.  So I spent some time scheming ways to stay in Taiwan without teaching.  I ended up getting my IMBA(for free), working for a local company here and eventually starting my own business.  Kaohsiung was a great place for me to bootstrap my business because you can live on about $800/month and earn about $20/hour teaching.  That comes out to teaching less than 10 hours a week and still breaking even.  This gave me a ton of extra time to focus on my business and build it without any external financial pressures like rent and bills.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I’ve been running an e-commerce business for the last 2 years and have now gotten it to the point where I can be “location independent”.  That being said, my base is still Taiwan.  Kaohsiung, Taiwan to be exact.  While I love traveling to other countries I still feel like Kaohsiung, Taiwan is the best base for a Location Independent Entrepreneur.  It’s cheap, the weather is good, it has a beach, mountains, good food and you can learn Chinese.

location independent taiwan

View from my balcony, my rent is $8,000TWD ($250.00)


My Main Mode of Transportation (Entrepreneurmobile), $10,000TWD ($312.50)


Typical Lunch – $70TWD ($2.20)

taiwan location independent entrepreneur

Beach in Taiwan – FREE =)

The location independent entrepreneur scene in Taiwan is small, but growing.   If you’re traveling through Taiwan, send me a message!