Why Most Dropshipping Businesses Fail




Most People Don’t Treat Drop Shipping Like a REAL Business


The number one reason most dropshipping businesses fail is because people don’t treat it like a real business.  Whatever drop shipping “niche” you’re getting into, take it seriously.  Think about how you can help add value to that particular market place.  Don’t try to drop ship some fidget spinners from Ali Express and then wonder why it didn’t work out.

Whether you like it or not, you’re building a real business.  You’re going to have real customers with real problems that need solving.  This is how you build trust and build a business.  In the end, this is what you want to do because it will lead to the most value for yourself.  Your job as an eCommerce entrepreneur or “drop shipper” is to provide value to your customers.  You are providing a trustworthy platform where customers can find answers to their problems and safely purchase a product or service.

Most Drop Shippers Don’t Solve a Problem

Businesses are about one thing and one thing only, solving problems.  More specifically, solving other peoples problems, not about solving your problem about how to make thousands of dollars online so you can travel the world.  Look at your product and service and ask if you are actually solving a problem and providing value.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur or drop shipper your job is to solve problems.  Your customers have problems, you have solutions.  Let’s take the example of Andrew Youderian at Ecommerce Fuil who created and sold TrollingMotors.net for over 100k.  Andrew created a drop shipping store where he sold trolling motors.  This is not hard to do and anyone can build a site, contact suppliers and start drop shipping trolling motors.  The thing that set him apart from his competition was that he also put together an in depth website that answered peoples questions about the different trolling motors.  By doing this he created a valuable resource for his customers which in turn built trust and lead to more profits.

If you’re considering drop shipping or Ecommerce, then do yourself and your potential customers a favor.  Start a real business.  You can still drop ship and in many cases should drop ship.  Just realize that you’re starting a real business and any temporary arbitrage opportunity between eBay and Amazon or aliexpress and Shopify are going to be over saturated and undervalued.

Build Your First Business!