I’ll give you one minute to complain about anything you want,  

but if you’re still talking after that one minute, it’s time to shut the fuck up.



The reason is not because I’m an insensitive asshole (although that’s been under recent debate), it’s because if you have two legs, two arms and aren’t suffering from a deadly diseases, then you really don’t have any right to complain.  We all have friends who love to complain.  They complain about their boss, their kids, their spouse, the way the girl at Starbucks looked at them funny.  Next time, give them one minute and then tell them to shut the fuck up.
This is for their own good.  No one wants to be around a negative person who complains all the time.  Positive people attract  other positive people and positive opportunities in their life.  Negative people will bring you down, don’t let them.

Instead, look them gently in the eye and gently tell them to shut the fuck up.

Now, if you have a serious situation in your life, which we all do from time to time, then go ahead and vent.  If your Uncle has cancer or you lost your job or anything else actually important happens.  Find a friend, vent, cry on their shoulder, do what you have to do.  But if you find yourself “venting” twice a week about how the bitch at Subway only gave you 3 slices of black olives on your 6 inch sub then it’s time to take your 6 inch sub and…shut the fuck up.
Life is short and for most of us, it’s pretty awesome.  Most of us have never had to worry about whether or not we’ll have enough food to eat or whether or not we’ll have clean water to drink.  Most of us are incredibly lucky to have what we have.  One of best ways we can realize this is to be grateful.
Everyday, you can think about five things you’re grateful for.  They can be simple.  I’ll go right now:  I’m grateful I have my health, my freedom, enough money to eat and drink, my hair and 2 legs that I can walk around on.  Done.

So next time you want to complain, think about if it’s really worth it.  

Or would your time be better spent doing something about it?


Does your job suck?  Quit.

Do you think you’re too fat? Stop eating so much and start working out.

Is your girlfriend/boyfriend a bitch/dick?  Break up with them.

Are you broke?  Get another job, work harder, go back to school, do something.