Day 1 : How to Pick a Drop Shipping Niche

A lot of people think that picking a drop shipping niche is the hardest part of the process and this is where most people get stuck.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I wanna start a business but I don’t have any good ideas”.  Bottom line is, you don’t need a good idea to start.  You need an okay idea and great execution.  Let’s be realistic, your first idea might not work anyways.  So what you need to do, is pick a product, launch your site and learn from it.  You don’t learn until you get started.

If the fact of having your first idea fail scares you, then get over it.  Jump into it and get started.  You don’t need to make your fortune with your first idea, but you do need to get started.

Think of this experience as an education.

Our Method to Pick a Drop Shipping Niche:

  • First, write down 10 things that you have bought and use on a regular basis.
  • Next, write down 10 things that your mom or girlfriend or prominent female figure in your lifes uses on a regular basis.
  • Next, write down 10 things that your dad or boyfriend or prominent male figure uses on a regular basis.
  • Now you have 30 items.  Use the criteria below to eliminate 90% of items.  Now you should just have a few left over.


Drop Shipping Product Criteria:

  • You can sell it for over $50 (with shipping)
  • Can be shipped easily
  • You can add value to it


Check the competition:

Now it’s time to start searching on google, amazon, ebay, etc. to see who is already selling your product.  You want people to be selling your product, but not too many.  You can’t compete with walmart but you can compete with 90% of the small business owners out there.  So, try to analyze your competition, see if there are any big players in the market.  Do they have websites?  How to the websites look?  Do you think you could compete with them?

Remember, this ins’t rocket science and it’s also not a life and death situation.  Pick a product and get started.  If it works, awesome!  If not, you will have learned so much from the experience that your second product will have 2x as much chance for success.

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Day 2 : Building Your Website


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