Migrate Goaddy to Cloudways
How to Migrate Hosting from Godaddy to Cloudways Why migrate from GoDaddy to Cloudways? I used GoDaddy hosting for years and this was mainly because Godaddy is where I registered my first domain name.  This was about 10 years ago and I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing or what website hosting even was.  In the end, Godaddy served it’s purpose and is not a terrible option for beginners and they do
How to build your first niche website
How to Build Your First Niche Website When people are first getting started with internet marketing or e-commerce there can be an overload of information.  One friend tells you about how he knows a girl who’s killing it with affiliate marketing, another one has a cousin who does FBA and another has a brother in-law who does drop shipping. These are all viable ways to make an income online as a Location Independent Entrepreneur and
Why I’m not selling my business I have this dream lingering in the back of my mind about selling my business and sitting on a beach somewhere drinking endless San Miguel Lights or Tiger Bacs.  All without a care in the world and doing this while living off $20,000 USD/year afforded to me by using the 4% rule.  But after doing some calculations and re-evaluating my business I decided to keep it.   I realized that what
achieve financial freedom
What is Financial Freedom? While this number will vary for everybody, the basic math is: Cash Flow from Assets > Monthly Expenses It is actually a pretty simple concept but it can be hard to implement.  Think of it like trying to lose weight.  To lose weight, you don’t need a fancy diet, supplements or a Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym.  All you need to do is eat less and exercise more.  Sure, you can starve yourself
Digital Nomads in Taiwan     Taiwan has recently been ranked as one of the top places in the world for expats to live.  This is mainly because Taiwan is an incredibly safe country with friendly locals, fast internet, access to great health care, modern subways systems, mountains and beaches.  It’s also one of the most “convenient” countries in the world.  There are literally 7-11s everywhere and at these 7-11s you can find single cans of beer,
Why Most Dropshipping Businesses Fail     Most People Don’t Treat Drop Shipping Like a REAL Business   The number one reason most dropshipping businesses fail is because people don’t treat it like a real business.  Whatever drop shipping “niche” you’re getting into, take it seriously.  Think about how you can help add value to that particular market place.  Don’t try to drop ship some fidget spinners from Ali Express and then wonder why it