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Why I’m Not Selling My Business

Why I'm not selling my business I have this dream lingering in the back of my mind about selling my business and sitting on a beach somewhere drinking endless San Miguel Lights or Tiger Bacs.  All without a care in the world and doing this while living off $20,000...

How to stop Credit Card Fraud | Chargebacks

As an ecommerce store owner for the last 5 years I have lost thousands of dollars due to charge backs. My hope is that other people with search these addresses and email addresses so that we can help prevent honest merchants being ripped off by chargebacks: These...

What is Financial Freedom?

What is Financial Freedom? While this number will vary for everybody, the basic math is: Cash Flow from Assets > Monthly Expenses It is actually a pretty simple concept but it can be hard to implement.  Think of it like trying to lose weight.  To lose weight, you...

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