How to Build Your First Niche Website

How to build your first niche website

When people are first getting started with internet marketing or e-commerce there can be an overload of information.  One friend tells you about how he knows a girl who’s killing it with affiliate marketing, another one has a cousin who does FBA and another has a brother in-law who does drop shipping.

These are all viable ways to make an income online as a Location Independent Entrepreneur and if you’re just starting out then you don’t actually need to worry about it as much as you might think.

I started building websites 10 years ago and my first websites have long since been abandoned.  I had no idea what I was doing and when I think back to my approach, I see now that my first few sites never would have worked.  But after building a few sites I became proficient not only in WordPress but also in understanding what people want online and how I can help them get it.

Now my largest site is a 6 figure e-commerce business that is 7 years old and started off as a blog.  When I made it I didn’t have any plans to monetize it, I was just writing about a subject that I had specialized knowledge in and the rest followed naturally.

If this is your first time making a niche website then I suggest not overthinking it and just getting started.  Website domains and hosting are cheaper than ever and within a few hours you can have your very first website up and running!


What You Need to Build Your First Niche Website:


An Idea or Niche

A Domain Name

Website Hosting


A Theme and Plugins


Step 1: Your Idea

While Niche Selection can be one of the most important parts of a successful Niche Website, if this is your first site then this should be thought of more as a learning experience.  The reason I say that is because there is a big learning curve and the sooner you get started the better.


The Second Best Time to Make a Website is Today

“The second best time to plant a tree (make a website), is today”

I’ve met hundreds of people with “great ideas” who have never done anything with them and I’m sure you have too.  They practically get you to sign an NDA at the bar before they unveil their genius idea.

Then you have the people who are waiting around for the perfect idea.  They would get started but first they need this magical idea to come to them from a burning bush, then everything will fall into place.

The problem with both of these strategies is that neither person does anything.  They talk about it for years while their youth is sucked away by a cubicle.

Think of your first site as a practice website where you can make all your newbie mistakes so that your next site is even better.

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Step 2: Picking a Domain Name

This is going to be similar to Niche Selection.  For your first website, don’t overthink it.  Pick something you’re interested in or make it a personal blog.  Domain Names are cheap investments, only $9.48/year so if you think of a better one later on, you can always change it.

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Step 3: Hosting your Domain Name

All websites need to be “hosted” by someone.  This basically just means that they are on a server somewhere so that they can be connected to the internet.

Cloudways is much faster than Godaddy (Host Gator, Bluehost, etc.), has a Free SSL Certificate and also has a Free 3 day trial (no credit card required).

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Step 4: Install WordPress

Once your site is active then it’s time to install WordPress.  WordPress is free and can be used for making blogs, e-commerce sites and everything in-between.

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